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Sotiropoulos. Dimitri A.; Katsikas, Dimitris, 2022, "Fragmentation and Exclusion: Understanding and Overcoming the Multiple Impacts of the Crisis (FRAGMEX)",, Κατάλογος Δεδομένων SoDaNet, first version
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1) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_01.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_01) : Access upon Request.
2) FRAGMEX_Interview Guide.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview Guide) : Open Access.
3) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_01.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_01) : Access upon Request.
4) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_02.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_02) : Access upon Request.
5) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_03.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_03) : Access upon Request.
6) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_04.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_04) : Access upon Request.
7) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_05.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_05) : Access upon Request.
8) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_06.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_06) : Access upon Request.
9) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_07.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_07) : Access upon Request.
10) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_08.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_08) : Access upon Request.
11) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_09.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_09) : Access upon Request.
12) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_10.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_10) : Access upon Request.
13) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_11.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_11) : Access upon Request.
14) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_12.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_12) : Access upon Request.
15) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_13.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_13) : Access upon Request.
16) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_14.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_14) : Access upon Request.
17) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_15.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_15) : Access upon Request.
18) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_16.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_16) : Access upon Request.
19) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_17.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_17) : Access upon Request.
20) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_01 (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_01) : Access upon Request.
21) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_02.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_02) : Access upon Request.
22) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_03.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_03) : Access upon Request.
23) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_04.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_04) : Access upon Request.
24) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_05.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_05) : Access upon Request.
25) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_06.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_06) : Access upon Request.
26) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_07.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_07) : Access upon Request.
27) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_08.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_08) : Access upon Request.
28) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_09.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_09) : Access upon Request.
29) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_10.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_10) : Access upon Request.
30) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_11.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_11) : Access upon Request.
31) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_12.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_12) : Access upon Request.
32) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_13.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_13) : Access upon Request.
33) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_14.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_14) : Access upon Request.
34) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_15.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_15) : Access upon Request.
35) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_16.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_16) : Access upon Request.
36) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_17.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_17) : Access upon Request.
37) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_01.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_01) : Access upon Request.
38) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_02.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_02) : Access upon Request.
39) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_03.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_03) : Access upon Request.
40) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_04.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_04) : Access upon Request.
41) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_05.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_05) : Access upon Request.
42) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_06.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_06) : Access upon Request.
43) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_07.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_07) : Access upon Request.
44) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_08.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_08) : Access upon Request.
45) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_09.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_09) : Access upon Request.
46) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_10.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_10) : Access upon Request.
47) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_11.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_11) : Access upon Request.
48) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_12.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_12) : Access upon Request.
49) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_13.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_13) : Access upon Request.
50) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_14.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_14) : Access upon Request.
51) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_15.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_15) : Access upon Request.
52) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_16.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_16) : Access upon Request.
53) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_17.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_17) : Access upon Request.
54) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_18.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_18) : Access upon Request.
55) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_02.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_02) : Access upon Request.
56) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_03.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_03) : Access upon Request.
57) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_04.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_04) : Access upon Request.
58) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_05.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_05) : Access upon Request.
59) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_06.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_06) : Access upon Request.
60) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_07.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_07) : Access upon Request.
61) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_08.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_08) : Access upon Request.
62) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_09.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_09) : Access upon Request.
63) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_10.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_10) : Access upon Request.
64) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_11.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_11) : Access upon Request.
65) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_12.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_12) : Access upon Request.
66) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_13.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_13) : Access upon Request.
67) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_14.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_14) : Access upon Request.

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1) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_01.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_01) : Access upon Request.---2) FRAGMEX_Interview Guide.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview Guide) : Open Access.---3) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_01.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_01) : Access upon Request.---4) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_02.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_02) : Access upon Request.---5) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_03.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_03) : Access upon Request.---6) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_04.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_04) : Access upon Request.---7) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_05.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_05) : Access upon Request.---8) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_06.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_06) : Access upon Request.---9) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_07.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_07) : Access upon Request.---10) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_08.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_08) : Access upon Request.---11) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_09.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_09) : Access upon Request.---12) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_10.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_10) : Access upon Request.---13) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_11.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_11) : Access upon Request.---14) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_12.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_12) : Access upon Request.---15) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_13.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_13) : Access upon Request.---16) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_14.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_14) : Access upon Request.---17) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_15.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_15) : Access upon Request.---18) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_16.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_16) : Access upon Request.---19) FRAGMEX_Interview_J_17.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_J_17) : Access upon Request.---20) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_01 (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_01) : Access upon Request.---21) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_02.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_02) : Access upon Request.---22) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_03.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_03) : Access upon Request.---23) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_04.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_04) : Access upon Request.---24) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_05.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_05) : Access upon Request.---25) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_06.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_06) : Access upon Request.---26) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_07.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_07) : Access upon Request.---27) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_08.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_08) : Access upon Request.---28) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_09.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_09) : Access upon Request.---29) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_10.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_10) : Access upon Request.---30) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_11.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_11) : Access upon Request.---31) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_12.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_12) : Access upon Request.---32) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_13.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_13) : Access upon Request.---33) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_14.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_14) : Access upon Request.---34) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_15.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_15) : Access upon Request.---35) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_16.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_16) : Access upon Request.---36) FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_17.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_NGO_17) : Access upon Request.---37) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_01.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_01) : Access upon Request.---38) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_02.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_02) : Access upon Request.---39) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_03.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_03) : Access upon Request.---40) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_04.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_04) : Access upon Request.---41) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_05.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_05) : Access upon Request.---42) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_06.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_06) : Access upon Request.---43) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_07.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_07) : Access upon Request.---44) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_08.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_08) : Access upon Request.---45) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_09.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_09) : Access upon Request.---46) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_10.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_10) : Access upon Request.---47) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_11.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_11) : Access upon Request.---48) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_12.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_12) : Access upon Request.---49) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_13.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_13) : Access upon Request.---50) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_14.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_14) : Access upon Request.---51) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_15.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_15) : Access upon Request.---52) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_16.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_16) : Access upon Request.---53) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_17.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_17) : Access upon Request.---54) FRAGMEX_Interview_P_18.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_P_18) : Access upon Request.---55) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_02.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_02) : Access upon Request.---56) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_03.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_03) : Access upon Request.---57) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_04.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_04) : Access upon Request.---58) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_05.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_05) : Access upon Request.---59) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_06.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_06) : Access upon Request.---60) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_07.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_07) : Access upon Request.---61) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_08.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_08) : Access upon Request.---62) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_09.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_09) : Access upon Request.---63) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_10.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_10) : Access upon Request.---64) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_11.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_11) : Access upon Request.---65) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_12.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_12) : Access upon Request.---66) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_13.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_13) : Access upon Request.---67) FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_14.doc (FRAGMEX_Interview_Τ_14) : Access upon Request.---
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